Jungle Boys Bags On The Black Market (Identity Fake Or Real)


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You can purchase in-pack weeds. Jungle Boys make you high without smoking. Jungle Boys pre-rolls are safely fixed to obstruct oxidation. We are other than got weed groups in pre-roll packs for ensured puffing.

Jungle Boys has appeared more, and the sky is the limit, flooding the black market with their misleading bags. Jungle Boys is a weed organization in Los Angeles that zeroed in on selling great marijuana and concentrates.

Many jungle boy bag fakes have spread all over lawful and unlawful states. This post depicts how to identify fakes and where to get genuine ones.

Brief Discussion On Jungle Boys Bags


Official Jungle Boys

We are starting to find out about the fake cart black market that would come to torment the marijuana business. Thinking back now, we are as yet battling to get a handle on the extent of the phony cart issue.

It typically gets gagged out of the market when a brand gets suffocated in fakes. Official Jungle Boys brand vape carts are still only accessible from 4 dispensaries in California; 3 in L.A. what’s more, 1 in Santa Ana, OC. In the meantime, fake Jungle Boys bags sell worldwide. Jungle boys bags are conveying on the different cart bundling sites we’ve found.

Likewise, you can disseminate (fake) Jungle Boys bags for just pennies per unit. It is strange to see such weighty traffic now for a brand that has been under attack from fake cart bundling nearly since its send-off.

There is no excellent explanation concerning which brand the forger focuses on the straightaway. Arbitrary brands will get reproduced and replicated across the web. Most brands are ignored, while a couple, some long bankrupt, appear to turn into the pet focuses of the black market.

The most obsolete piece of this post is suggesting the CannVerify app. While it gave a beam of trust, cartridge verification is simply one more gadget the black market has embraced. Brands have taken to their in-house created verification. Yet, the black-market printers duplicate that too and have the Q.R. code go to a 1-pager saying, “that’s right, you’re great!”

Jungle Boys Bags on the black market

These are reusable bags that arrive in an assortment of sizes and colors. There are different kinds of bags that you can find online on various sites. You can purchase from Amazon, Alibaba, and many more sites. Chinese makers sell their bags to vendors. Individuals on the road put anything they desire. Furthermore, it is troublesome in some cases to differentiate due to how indistinguishable they look.

Find your real jungle boys bags

There are only two locations where the Jungle Boys bags sell their items. The two dispensaries are situated in Los Angeles. They are TLC Collective dispensary and Los Angeles Farmers. 

They wouldn’t have any of their items in other locations other than these two. Therefore, it is in all likelihood fake if you somehow happened to find this organization in some other dispensary.

Besides this, they don’t sell any of their items online or shop elsewhere. Organizations buy these bundles in mass, filling them with their marijuana and selling them online.

Identify jungle boys bags 

If your bags don’t have this sticker, it’s a fake. It is the least complex method for telling, assuming your bundling is authentic—jungle Boys, as of late chosen to put a CannVerify seal sticker on their items. Every item has this sticker fixed to the bundling from their blossoms and joints to their concentrates. 

Assume your bags don’t contain this sticker and your item is 100 percent fake. With the CannVerify site or application on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, you can filter the code or enter the chronic number to confirm your identity.

Final Verdict

We will continue to refresh the post as we get more information on fakes. The simplest method for telling if the jungle boys bags are authentic is via looking through the CannVerify sticker. Like this, you can be aware, assuming it’s real. Otherwise, if you have any of the bundles partnered with any dispensary would be fake. Yet, it doubtlessly is fake other than TLC Collective or Los Angeles Farmers.

Do you have any involvement in fake Jungle Boys bags? Comment in the box below!!

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