Jungle Boys Packaging – Identify Real or Fake


Jungle Boys is a pot brand with the best pot weed strains. You will get buds, seeds, and pre-rolls. So we are inviting you here to our pot weed shop. It’s your electronic store for strain. Live it up, weed with all the Maryjane strains you want.

You can buy in-pack weeds. Jungle Boys make you high without smoking. Jungle Boys pre-rolls are securely fixed to block oxidation. We are other than got weed bunches in pre-roll packs for guaranteed puffing.

Brief Discussion on Jungle Boys Packaging


Jungle boys website

Jungle Boys is a weed organization in Los Angeles that zeroed in on selling excellent pots and concentrates. Since they are only found in LA, many fakes have spread over lawful and unlawful states. This post depicts how to recognize fakes and where to get genuine ones.

Jungle boys weed

We are Sacramento’s elite home of items developed by the Jungle Boys. The Jungle Boys are generally regarded as the absolute best clinical weed producers. Their office in Los Angeles works in developing excellent indoor weed blossoms and concentrates.

Jungle Boys Packaging

With different sizes and flavors on the packaging, fakes can seem indistinguishable. So assume that they have the CannVerify sticker. Yet, a couple of bundles are out where various organizations have duplicated our logo. They have added their location or dispensary. The following are a couple of fake bundles that are not subsidiary to the organization.

Jungle Boys don’t circulate any of their items in Canada. As mentioned before, they only disseminate in two locations in LA. It is a misleading organization involving Jungle Boys and its logo for its bundle. Jungle Boys isn’t partnered with the location Amsterdam nor the organization The Smoking Dog Seeds.

Joint flavor

There is a wide range of flavors. It could be challenging to tell which flavor is regular or not. One that they reported being phony is the SFV x TK joint. They have been springing up on many stores, Weed-maps, and Instagram. Displayed above are two unique joints. The Wedding Cake is genuine. However, the SFV x TK is phony.

Jungle Boys cartridges

Most importantly, Jungle boys don’t have any pens or cartridges available. Many fake cartridges are being conveyed on the underground market, and many individuals no longer know what’s genuine. We likewise found these phony Jungle Carts. Name jungle boy is anything but an entire organization yet not a packaging organization. The fake company is selling weed online by Chinese producers. Jungle Boys never declared having any cartridges out. Subsequently, these are phony.

Identify fake or real CannVerify app

Assume your package doesn’t have this sticker; then, at that point, it’s a fake. It is the most straightforward method for telling on the off chance that your packaging is bona fide. In April of 2019, Jungle Boys, as of late, chose to put a CannVerify seal sticker on their items. 

Every item has this sticker fixed to the packaging, from their blossoms and joints to their concentrates. Assume your package doesn’t contain this sticker and your item is 100 percent fake. With the CannVerify website or app on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, you can filter the code or enter the chronic number to confirm your package.

Final Verdict

We will continue to refresh the post as we get more information on fakes. The simplest method for telling if the packaging is legitimate is looking through the CannVerify sticker. Like this, you can be aware, assuming that it’s genuine. Otherwise, you have any of the bundles’ subsidiaries with any dispensary other than TLC Collective or Los Angeles Farmers. It is, in all likelihood, phony.

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