This strain is perfect for daytime use. It gives you energy without making you jittery!

Jungle Boys Dosidos, Start The Week On A Roll With Gas Baked Goodies! Do-Si-Dos is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has a unique smell and taste. It’s definitely not your typical “weed,” but it does have some of the same effects as other strains.

The high from this strain comes on fast and lasts for about 3 hours or so. You’ll feel relaxed and happy after smoking Dosidos. This strain can be smoked in any form (joints, bongs, pipes) and will give you a nice body buzz with a relaxing head high.

Perfect for daytime

Dosidos is perfect for daytime use because it won’t keep you up at night as many other strains do. Dosidos is also great to smoke when feeling down because it makes you happy and uplifted.

Delicious Dosidos

Dosidos have a sweet flavor and aroma that is reminiscent of chocolate-covered raisins. It smells just like the candy itself and tastes delicious!

Rare strains

Dosidos is one of those rare strains where you can actually eat the buds without getting too stoned. They are chewy and sticky, like a gummy bear.

Dosidios is a good choice if you want something different from what most people expect from a cannabis strain. Dosidios is a fun strain to try out, and you might find yourself returning to it repeatedly.

Product Features:

  • THC Level: 20%
  • Indica Dominant Hybrid
  • Sweet Flavor & Aroma
  • Gummi Bear Buds
  • High THC Content
  • Great For Daytime Use
  • Good For Depression
  • Easy To Grow Indoors

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