Do you like strong tastes in weed? Then this is perfect for you!

Jungle Boys Sour Apple Strain is a strain of cannabis that was created by the company Jungle Boys. The strain is famous because of its sour taste and smell. It is best for those who like intense flavors in their weed.

The name “Sour Apple” comes from the fact that this strain contains a high amount of THC, which gives it its sour taste. This strain also has a lot of CBD, which makes it great for pain relief. 

Effective treatment

It can use as an effective treatment for anxiety and depression.

This strain is perfect for people who are looking for a potent-tasting weed with a lot of THC content. 


  • -Relaxing
  • -Pain Relief
  • -Anxiety Relief
  • -Depression Relief
  • -Sleep Aid
  • -Mood Elevator
  • -Euphoric
  • Description
  • Aroma/Taste
  • THC Content

How do we use Jungle Boys Sour Apple Strain?

1. Add 1 gram of dried bud to your grinder or bowl.

2. Add 2 drops of oil (preferably grape seed) to the dry bud.

3. Grind until you get a fine powder.

4. Take about 5-10 draws on a vaporizer or bong.

5. Enjoy!

6. Repeat steps 3 through 4 as needed.

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