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TK43 Weed strains were collected from the field near the University of California, Davis campus (Davis, CA). The strain was isolated from a weed growing near an agricultural area and is maintained as a living culture at the USDA-ARS National Small Grains Collection (NSGC) in Aberdeen, Idaho.

TK43 is 100% designed for you.

It has a potent blend of uplifting effects that will help you get out of bed and into a good mood while giving you the calm you need to sleep at night.

TK43 weed liquid is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a relaxing vape experience. The flavor profile offers a sweet taste with hints of citrus and spice. This product has been tested extensively to ensure quality and safety.

Product Features:

– Ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy a good smoke.
– High VG blend ensures smooth vaping.
– No harmful chemicals or additives.
– Safe for daily use.
– 100% pure vegetable glycerin.
– Low nicotine strength.
– Easy to refill cartridge.

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